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Education foundation given $500,000 endowment

Updated: May 9

Fredericksburg Standard Radio Post - April 3, 2024

The FISD Education Foundation unveiled a permanent and self-sustaining endowment fund to ensure future excellence and innovation in the Fredericksburg Independent School District.

Above, FISD public school students, teachers, administrators and board of trustees celebrated the unveiling of a self-sus- taining endowment fund to ensure future excellence in the district. Pictured from left are: Students from Charli Mullen's fourth grade class, front row from left, Calvin Williams, Lley- ton Alberthal, Reese Smith-Leno, Kemper Langbein, Payton Hale, Margaret Stevens, Ellie Rivas, Bonnie Minshew: second row: William Davis. Ruby Collins. Ashlev Diaz. Landon Brown. Kendra Naranjo, Kaylee Moncada, Diana Umanzor; third row: Ximena Cardoza. David Cardona Bonilla. Raute Bluemel. Ezra Huss Ronmel Turcios. Liam Hazelett, Bowen Becker August Guderian: back row: FISD Education Foundation board mem- bers Tony DiCuffa, Allison McDade and Shelee Padgett; FISD board trustee Mark Cornett: Foundation board member Kelly Ellebracht: donor Mark Przvwara: Education Foundation board members Jamie Ducker and Stephanie Gonzales: Trustee Keri Hensley; FISD Superintendent Dr. Joe Rodriquez; and trustees Brian Lehne and Tavlor Ward. - Photo by Eleanor Burns

Local resident and longtime FISD supporter Mark Przywara made his first $100,000 contribution to the FISD Education Foundation Endowment Fund.

Przywara has designated a total of $500,000 to the endowment over the next five years.

As a dedicated FISD supporter, Przywara has recently served as the Vice President of Development on the FISD Education Foundation’s Board of Directors. His dedication to supporting students and teachers through innovative teaching ideas has prompted his generous donation which will establish the agency’s longevity well into the future.

Fredericksburg High School student Leo Diaz in- terviews endowment donor Mark Przvwara as Ismael Cruces records the event for a class proiect. Local resident Przvwara made the first of five $100.000 contributions to the Fredericks- burg Independent School District Education Endowment Fund He was recoanized by FISD students Thursday, April 4 at the FES library. Pryzwara stated in his speech, "I thought about making this donation anonymously, but then realized putting a face and name to this effort may have some value in encourag- ing others to consider working with the Education Foundation in the future. I am issuing a polite challenge to everyone who cares about FISD. its students and teachers, and public educa- tion in general to please think about how vou can help support the Foundation - in any way possible." - Standard-Radio Post/Allison McDade

The purpose of the fund is to ensure that charitable giving to the Education Foundation is available to donors who support public education in Gillespie County.

“Through this endowment, the Education Foundation will utilize longterm planning to build funds to support innovation in Fredericksburg ISD long into the future,” Przywara said.

The Community Foundation of the Texas Hill Country will manage the endowment as it does for many other local non-profits. Gifts designated to the endowment will be maintained in perpetuity and only a portion of the annual investment return will be spent.

Surplus earnings are reinvested in the endowment so that, over the years, the fund can grow and provide long-term financial security.

“I’d like to challenge Gillespie county residents, families, alumni, businesses and philanthropists to consider making a longterm investment in the quality of our FISD public schools by contributing to this endowment,” Przywara shared.

This endowment allows donors to give more generously than they might have originally considered.

To learn more about the FISD Education Foundation Endowment Fund, go to and click on the Endowment Fund link.



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