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Century-old cookbook passes to FISD Education Foundation

Updated: May 9

Fredericksburg Standard Radio Post- February 14, 2024

The first edition of the “Home Kitchen Cookbook,” published in 1916 by the Ladies Auxiliary of Fredericksburg, gathered proceeds to support Fredericksburg public schools until this year.

Monday, Feb. 12, students from the FHS Culinary Arts program presented prepared recipes from old cookbooks. The FISD Cookbook Club and Culinary Arts teacher Micah Weldon, at left, Glen Treibs, Linda Langerhans, Carol Feuge, Gladys Pehl, Helen Usener and Laverne Boos, all Cookbook Committee Members, attended the FISD school board meeting, with FHS Culinary Arts students Rhylinn Oliver and Vincent Hickey. – Submitted photo

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) dissolved its cookbook committee after sales slowed significantly, and passed the torch to the FISD Education Foundation.

“As our committee continues to age and people go online to find recipes, we’ve decided it’s time to pass the torch,” said PTA Committee Member Laverne Boos.

The book contained locally submitted recipes, many from Germany.

“It is humbling to know that the PTA of Fredericksburg is honoring the Education Foundation by passing us the torch of honor to support teachers and students in FISD for years to come,” stated Leslie Krieg, Board President of the FISD Education Foundation.

In 1916, the first edition of the Home Kitchen Cookbook was published and proceeds were used to repair the road leading to the first public school for students and teachers. In 1922, Fredericksburg School was built on the grounds of FISD’s current Middle School campus with help from cookbook proceeds.

The 13th and final edition of the cookbook, commemorating the 150th anniversary of Fredericksburg, was published in 1996, and the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of Fredericksburg has continued to contribute to the needs of FISD schools, teachers and students through cookbook proceeds.

“As this historical group comes to a close, we are grateful for their pioneering spirit and conscious effort to use their cookbook proceeds to support the needs of public education in Fredericksburg,” a spokesperson said. “It’s with admiration and respect that we accept the responsibility of helping to fund creativity and opportunity in public education.”

At the Monday, Feb. 13 FISD School Board meeting, Glen Treibs addressed the board members and audience, recognizing the more than 100 years of work, begun by the women of the Ladies Auxiliary.

“We were even glad that we gave the first commodes to the school,” he said. “I mean, the basics, educational things, water fountains, fans — you name it — trees, they came to the cookbook committee for extra money.”

“It’s another chapter closing in Fredericksburg,” he said, and looked to the room filled with almost 20 of his former students.

FISD Culinary Arts teacher Micah Weldon baked samples of the streusel coffee cake with zucchini bread, cookies, brownies, caramel cake, and more for the school board members and Cookbook Committee members. Recipes were followed from the 1996 edition of the cookbook. - Submitted photo



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