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FISD Education Foundation

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Continues $200,000 Campaign

Fredericksburg Standard Radio Post - November 30, 2022

The Fredericksburg Independent School District Education Foundation announced the kickoff of its 2022 annual campaign. The goal for this year's campaign is two-fold. First, it's fundraising target is $200,000. And second, it wants to encourage as many in the community to donate as they are able. Created by a group of businesses, community and educational leaders in 2018, FISD Education Foundation serves as the fundraising arm if the school district.

Stonewall Science Club / 2022 Grant Winners
Stonewall Science Club / 2022 Grant Winners

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Approximately 42% of Fredericksburg property tax dollars are recaptured by the state to fund other districts, equaling $21 million this year that leaves the district before ever making it to the schools. (This recapture totals $6,800 per student.)

Closing the Funding Gap

Education foundations exist in hundreds of Texas public school districts. The FISD Education Foundation works alongside FISD to help close funding gaps. Meeting the needs of our schools and our community is an ever-increasing challenge," said Leslie Krieg, foundation president. "While we do not see a fix in sight for the structure of school funding, FISD Education Foundation does see how we can help close the gap in funding for our own schools."

2022 Annual Campaign Giving now

through the End of December



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