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National Teacher Appreciation Week
May 2024

In honor of National Teacher Appreciation Week, each year in May, pay tribute to a favorite teacher or staff member that has greatly impacted your life!


For the small gift of $25, each year in April, to the Fredericksburg ISD Education Foundation your honorees names will be published in the Fredericksburg Standard the week of teacher appreciation.

Come back next year and HONOR AN EDUCATOR!

YOUR DONATION inspires students, drives teacher innovation and pilots new educational programs.

2022 Honorees

Howard Ballard- Fredericksburg High School - Retired

Lisa Ballard- Fredericksburg High School

Michael Barr- Fredericksburg Middle School- Retired

Donna Beckmann- Fredericksburg Middle School - Retired

Hans E. Bergner- FISD Superintendent- Retired (D)

Carrie Bierschwale- Doss ISD- Retired

Darrell Bonillas- Fredericksburg Primary School

Terry Bonn- Fredericksburg Middle School- Retired (D)

Valerie Bonn- Fredericksburg Elementary School/ Fredericksburg Middle School

Natalie Smith Bowman- Fredericksburg High School- Retired

Bill Brady- Fredericksburg High School- Retired (D)

Caleb Brister- Fredericksburg High School 

Mary Jo Brooker- Principal- Fredericksburg Elementary School- Retired (D)

Donna Bryant- Fredericksburg Elementary School- Retired

Katie Burns- Fredericksburg Elementary School

Joel Bush- Fredericksburg High School

Sister Regina Carmel- St. Teresa School (D)

Imogene Christian- Texas City ISD/ College of the Mainland - Retired (D)

Debbie Crenwelge- Stonewall Elementary School/ Fredericksburg Elementary School- Retired

Terry Crenwelge- Fredericksburg High School/ Fredericksburg Middle School- Retired 

Lauren Cypher- Runyan Elementary School, Conroe ISD

Kristy Danz- Fredericksburg High School

Amy Darsey- Fredericksburg Elementary School

Heather Davis- Fredericksburg Middle School

Frank de la Torre- Fredericksburg Elementary School

Lottie Demel- Stonewall Elementary School- Retired

Pat DiCuffa- Fredericksburg Middle School- Retired

Wendy Dietrich- Stonewall Elementary/Fredericksburg Primary School

Vincent DiNino- University of Texas- Retired (D)

Emily Duecker- Fredericksburg High School (Art)- Retired

Kade Eckert- Fredericksburg High School

Sarah Eckhardt- Fredericksburg Middle School/Fredericksburg High School - Retired

Bill Eggleston- Heritage School, Fredericksburg, Texas

Judy Enderlin- Fredericksburg Elementary School- Retired

David Ewing- Fredericksburg Elementary School- Retired

Terri Ewing- Fredericksburg Elementary School- Retired

Scott Fields- Fredericksburg High School- Retired

Clairlean Friedrich- Doss ISD- Retired

Shelly Garner- Fredericksburg Elementary School- Retired

Deanne Gonzales- Fredericksburg Elementary School

Joe Gonzales- Fredericksburg High School

Carrie Grona- Fredericksburg High School

Robin Grumbles- Fredericksburg Primary School

Vicki Guthrie- Fredericksburg High School

Beverly Haas- Fredericksburg High School - Retired-(D)

Charles Haas- Fredericksburg High School - Retired-(D)

Herbert Haas- Fredericksburg High School- Retired (D)

Blaine Hahn- Fredericksburg Primary School

Lindy Haley- Fredericksburg Elementary School- Retired

Barclay Hammond- Fredericksburg Special Education

Jeff Hammond- Former Fredericksburg High School Swim Coach

Joel Handley- Fredericksburg Middle School

Janalee Hannemann- Fredericksburg Primary School- Retired

Laura Harper- Roosevelt Elementary, Yakima, Washington

Beverly Harell- Fredericksburg Elementary School- Retired

Barbara Heinen- Fredericksburg Primary School- Retired

Donna Henke- Fredericksburg Middle School - Retired

Coach Dean Herbort- Fredericksburg High School- Retired

David "Doc" Hopf- Fredericksburg High School- Retired

Pat Hopf- Fredericksburg High School- Retired

Janie Immel- Fredericksburg Elementary School - Retired

Jenny Immel- Fredericksburg High School

Beth Iverson- Fredericksburg Elementary School

Sheryl Jacks- Fredericksburg Middle School

Gina Jenschke- Fredericksburg Middle School - Retired

Coach Doug Johnson- Weimar ISD (D)

Dr. Charles Kahle- Bowling Green State University (D)

Tim Kaman- Fredericksburg High School

Christa Klaerner- Fredericksburg Elementary School

Patricia Knaupp- Fredericksburg Elementary School - Retired

Jamie Kneese- Fredericksburg High School

Joanie Kramer- Fredericksburg Elementary

School/Stonewall Elementary School -Former Teacher 

Karen Kraus- Fredericksburg Primary School

Jo Ella Lewis- Fredericksburg High School- Retired 

Heather Loth- Fredericksburg Primary School

Rick Loth- St. Mary's Catholic School

Jessica Lutz- Fredericksburg Elementary School

Sister Noel Marie- St. Teresa School (D)

Andrew Matthes- Fredericksburg High School

Michael McMahon- Harper High School- Retired

Nila McMahon- Harper Elementary School - Retired-(D)

Susan McMahon- Harper High School- Retired

Erica McMurray- Fredericksburg High School

Carol Meier- Fredericksburg Middle School/Fredericksburg High School- Retired (D)

Wilburn Meier- Fredericksburg High School- Retired

Herbert Merz- Fredericksburg High School- Retired (D)

Melissa Metzger- Fredericksburg Primary School

Lance Moffett- Fredericksburg High School

Karen Montgomery-Jordan- Fredericksburg Primary School - Retired

Charli Mullen- Fredericksburg Elementary School

Sean Murray- Fredericksburg Middle School - Former Teacher

Viola Neffendorf- Fredericksburg Elementary School (1972)

Karen Nevins- Fredericksburg Primary School/Fredericksburg Elementary School

Ryan Newcom- Fredericksburg High School

Violet Ottmers- St Mary's- Retired

Patrick Padgett- Fredericksburg High School

Melanie Parker- Harper High School- Retired

Olga Peacock- Fredericksburg Primary School- Retired

Beverly Pesek- Fredericksburg Middle

School/Fredericksburg High School - Retired

Larry Pesek- Fredericksburg Middle School - Retired

April Poissant- Fredericksburg High School

Luana Priess- Ingram ISD/ Fredericksburg Middle School/ Stonewall Elementary - Former Teacher

Naomi Pyka- Fredericksburg Middle School -Retired

Debra Rathke- Fredericksburg High School - Retired

Kelly Ray- Fredericksburg Elementary School- Former Teacher

Father Leo V Rea- St. Joseph High School (D)

Bernice Reaves- Fredericksburg Elementary School - Retired-(D)

David Remschel- Fredericksburg Middle School

Tasha Remschel- Fredericksburg Elementary School

Coach Gilbert Renaud- Fredericksburg High School

Lisa Duecker Robertson- Leander ISD

Karyn Rode- Fredericksburg Elementary School

Dr. Joe Rodriguez- Fredericksburg Superintendent

Coach Jason Roemer- Fredericksburg High School

Jill Sage- Fredericksburg Elementary School- Retired

Jackie Schandua- Fredericksburg High School- Retired

Blake Schmidt- Fredericksburg High School

Rebecca Shipman- Heritage School, Fredericksburg, Texas

Katharine Simington- Fredericksburg Middle School

Ken Smith- Fredericksburg High School

Kelli Snedecor- Fredericksburg High School

Sarah Southard- Fredericksburg High School

Joan Speer- Fredericksburg High School

Irene Spenrath- Comfort High School- Retired (D)

Andy Stewart- Fredericksburg Elementary School- Retired

Kathy Burg Stull- Oak Grove Elementary/ El Dorado Elementary- North East ISD, San Antonio -Retired

Dana Sultemeier- Stonewall Elementary

School/Fredericksburg Elementary School- Retired

Harry Sultemeier- Johnson City High School- retired (D)

Jo Lynne Sultemeier- Fredericksburg High School/ Stonewall Elementary

Jana Sultemeier- Fredericksburg Middle School/Fredericksburg High School - Retired

Christi Sumners- Stonewall Elementary School

Katharine Symington- Fredericksburg Middle School

Dawn Tatum- Fredericksburg High School

Humbertina Thiele- Fredericksburg Middle School

Joyce Thiele- Fredericksburg Middle School- Retired 

Gayle Toohey- Fredericksburg Middle School

Diane Tull- Fredericksburg Elementary School- Retired (D)

Suzanne Turner- Fredericksburg Central Office

Kimberly Van Epps- Fredericksburg Elementary School

Terri Vogel- Stonewall Elementary School- Former Teacher

Carolyn Weber-Kuhlmann- Fredericksburg Middle School- Retired

Jenee Weinheimer- Fredericksburg Primary School

Chris Weirich- Fredericksburg High School

Connie Weirich- Fredericksburg Middle School - Retired

Elizabeth White- Fredericksburg Primary School- Former Teacher

Bill White- Clear Creek ISD (League City) - Retired

Donna White- Fredericksburg Middle School - Retired

Lois Whitewood- Fredericksburg High School- Retired (D)

Kim Zuberbueler- Fredericksburg High School

Annual Campaign

THANK YOU DONORS! When you give to the FISD Education Foundation you invest in the future of our community. We are asking You—our community, our parents and our friends—to help our efforts to build a better future for all of us. 


Excellence in education is the

foundation for a strong community.

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